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Mobile Marketing: Three Ways B2B Businesses Can Improve

There are still B2B businesses that have not optimized their marketing efforts for mobile. Here are a few ways you can embrace mobile in your B2B marketing.

Mobile Marketing: Three Ways B2B Businesses Can Improve
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It was just last year when the number of users accessing the web through mobile devices overtook the number of users browsing the web on a desktop. Despite that key milestone, however, there are still some B2B businesses that have not optimized their marketing efforts for mobile.

One reason many B2B companies are hesitant on the change is the fact that B2B buyers behave differently from everyday consumers. The problem with this argument is the shift in the enterprise world towards BYOD policies and cloud-based software solutions that promote working from mobile devices.

Users are now spending more time on their mobile devices than their desktops. The changes in the way we consume media has also created a new options for businesses looking to advertise there. Compared to all media types (not just digital) mobile advertising is hugely underspent. Fortunately for B2B marketers, optimizing your existing strategy isn’t that difficult.

Here are three ways B2B businesses can up their mobile marketing game:

A big driver of mobile web traffic is searches for local businesses. If your B2B business has not yet invested in a local mobile paid search campaign, you could be missing out on a lot of mobile web traffic. One way to optimize your website and content for mobile searches is to use long tail keywords that include the location of your business. This, paired with a mobile local paid search campaign, helps grow your organic and paid search traffic.

Another way to target a business minded audience is to use geo-targeted ads. This will allow you to target business users who are checking in to airports, hotels, and car rental agencies.

Facebook Ads

With more than a billion people on the social network, Facebook is the best social network for targeting advertisements at B2B buyers. Facebook boasts the biggest catalog of data on its users than any other social network, it’s unmatched when it comes to targeting ads at a specific user. Placing an ad in the news feed of a potential customer is a great way for bringing their attention to your B2B business.

You can take your mobile social marketing campaign a step further by using rich media in your campaign. Utilizing infographics and videos provide a more engaging experience than traditional text ads for your target audience.

Mobile Email

As many as two-thirds of emails are now opened on mobile devices. Make the most of this by keeping email marketing messages mobile-friendly. You can optimize your email marketing for mobile by using short subject lines, small images, short messages, and a clear call to action.

By either utilizing your existing CRM software or by investing in new CRM software, you can better analyze and manage your email marketing messages. Most software allows you to analyze how messages were received as well as what devices were used to read them. This can be valuable insight for crafting messages in the future.

While B2B businesses may have been slow to adapt to the trend towards mobile devices, there is still time to catch up.

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