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Two Places You Can Reuse Newsletter Content

Sticking to a regular posting schedule is key to generating traffic, subscribers, and loyal readers.

reusing newsletter content
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As anyone writing a newsletter knows, sticking to a regular posting schedule is key to generating traffic, subscribers, and loyal readers. However, there will always be those days where you find yourself staring at a blank word document trying to figure out what to write for your Substack (or another type of newsletter). Not only that, as your audience grows, you feel more pressure to constantly produce.

So where are you going to find ideas for all this new content? Lucky for you, there is always the option to recycle something from the past into new work. This evergreen, or timeless, content usually consists of tips, lists, how-tos, or reviews and is easy to repurpose on those days you just can’t manage to come up with any new ideas.

Before you get started on repurposing old content, make sure the content you’re about to recycle is genuinely evergreen. This means, no news articles, holiday or seasonal content, content focused on trends, or content that is based heavily on statistics or studies. Content with data that is likely to have changed will not be relatable or credible to your audience.

While you don’t want to repost an old blog about industry trends from 2008, you want the evergreen content you recycle to be presented with relevance in mind. This means, make sure your recycled content is engaging. Rather than letting your audience know you’re recycling stale content, freshen it up a little bit by presenting it in a new form.

Here are two ways to use recycled content for your newsletter:

Social Media

No one could have predicted how important social media would become, not only for consumers but for B2C and B2B businesses as well. Today, social media is often the first contact a prospective subscriber has with your work. Not only that, recent search algorithm changes have made it even more important for writers like yourself to have social media accounts if they want to stay relevant in the search results.

It's can be difficult to manage a B2B social media presence. You may be more comfortable writing for your email newsletter audience anyway. Repurposing that newsletter content for a slightly different format isn't that difficult.

So what exactly are you supposed to post on these networks? One way to fill the space on your timeline or wall is to post repurposed evergreen content. When using social media, it’s important that you present this information in an engaging manner (pictures, videos, infographics, etc) if you want your message to get across.

One way to make your content more engaging is to turn it into an infographic. Infographics are great for summarizing longer posts, basic how-tos, and tips you’ve shared with your readers over time.


As online video consumption continues to soar, now is a great time to invest in video content for your newsletter. When you’re first starting out with video, it can be a daunting task to figure out how you’re going to make interesting and engaging content. Fortunately, evergreen content is perfect for video.

Repurposing your old blog or newsletter content into video shouldn’t be intimidating. When searching for how-tos or reviews online, video content is certainly more engaging than reading a 10-step blog post. Take advantage of this by presenting your how-tos, product reviews, as well as tips and tricks in video format.

If you’re a DIY Etsy business, a short video can be used to show your readers how to solve basic storage and organization problems or offer tips for how to repaint a piece of furniture.

As your blog or newsletter continues to grow and evolve with your audience, finding content to fill the posting schedule shouldn’t be difficult.

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