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10 Ways to Diversify and Repurpose Your Newsletter Content

Are you searching for new ways to grow your subscribers using your existing content? I think I have a few ideas that can help you out.

10 Ways to Diversify and Repurpose Your Newsletter Content
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Are you stuck in a rut producing nothing but text posts for your Substack? Then, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. If you stick with only one type of content, you will only attract one portion of your target market.

You may be targeting a narrow, niche audience. Even so, within that niche, some people will prefer videos, some want a quick read, and others will be more interested in an in-depth article. So, if you’re trying to grow your newsletter subscribers and reach, you must cater to everyone's preferences.

So, the best way to create an effective newsletter strategy is to use many different content types. Here ten ways to diversify your content and expand your reach.

Reevaluate Your Newsletter Goals

Before you begin to think about alternative forms of content, take some time to reevaluate your goals. There is a tendency for people to regard newsletters as only a means of generating income or a content strategy to generate sales another way. This slightly blinkered view can stifle creativity. Newsletters can achieve many objectives.

For example, you could create content designed to gain subscribers. Or you might use content to educate and inform. Newsletter content could be lead-generating or published to support sales of e-books and online courses. These are only a few of the possible benefits of growing your newsletter. Considering all the objectives might help you see how you could broaden your content topics and formats.

Revisit Your Newsletter Schedule

Regular posting on your newsletter will undoubtedly improve your performance and drive traffic to your website. Revisit your posting schedule and see if you need to mix things up a bit. You might need to post more long-form updates, for example, to provide deeper insight into some topics.

Are there any topics on the periphery of your niche that would attract the right audience? Is your newsletter visually appealing, or would more high-quality images improve the content? Most crucially, would you want to read your newsletter more than once?

Create Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to convey information in few words, and Canva is a great tool for producing them. This type of content will appeal to people who want to learn facts fast. Infographics are also visually appealing. So, they can give readers a pleasant break from long-form text posts.

Infographics are also likely to be shared if they contain helpful information. And other newsletter writers might like to use your infographics on their sites with a link to and mention to your credit. So, this type of content may expand your reach as well.

Producing infographics isn't tricky. There are plenty of online tools for this purpose. Or, if you aren't the creative type, you could hire a freelancer to produce your infographics.

"If someone sees an infographic on your site or on third-party sites or social platforms, they should be able to tell that it came from your company because of its unique design." – Search Engine Journal

Produce Videos

Videos are an excellent way to reduce bounce rates on visits to your site. And video content has been proven to be an effective way to encourage people to buy from a brand, including paid newsletter subscriptions. There is a vast range of video formats that you could use. The trick is to make the content interesting and enjoyable.

Behind-the-scenes videos are popular, as are videos that explain the tools and software you use to produce your work. If you have a new product launch or another important announcement, a video is an ideal way to share the news.

Producing video content isn't as hard as it used to be either. There are tools like Descript that allow you to easily edit without needing to learn any of the high-powered tools like Premiere Pro.

Host Webinars

Webinars allow you to create a genuine connection with your subscribers. And they are a further opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of your niche. There are also many ways that you can showcase your knowledge without coming across as too sales orientated.

You could produce a webinar that highlights content shared in some of your top-performing newsletters, for example. Or develop a series of "how-to" webinars around the advice you already share over email. Question and answer sessions can be used to build a stronger connection and sense of community among your subscribers.

And having industry-expert guest speakers will cement your position as an authority in your area. Webinars offer a high return on investment. You gain new contacts through the registration process. And webinars can be used later for on-demand content and lead magnets.

"If you design your presentations and content smartly, you can reinforce your brand identity. After repeated exposure, there is a chance that your brand recall value may increase." – FlowApp

Develop Podcasts

Podcasts are another way to diversify and repurpose your newsletter content. However, like any new post, you need to produce regular podcasts to maximize the benefits. Podcasts will appeal to people who would rather listen than watch or read. This type of audio content is also popular with millennials. Regular listeners of podcasts are likely to become loyal to the brand.

One of the other advantages of podcasts is they are relatively inexpensive to produce. Remember, though; podcasts need to be engaging and provide value. So, it would be best if you chose your topics wisely. If you are not a confident public speaker, it might take some time to get used to hearing the sound of your own voice.

Author E-books

E-books are another excellent way to offer the value presented in your newsletter. By giving away something for free, you are leveraging the power of reciprocity, which will create brand loyalty and, hopefully, new subscriptions. Tools like ConvertKit can help you gate e-book content behind a lead wall. However, you must be sure that your e-books don't disappoint.

Knocking up a few pages for the sake of it won't win you any loyalty.  So, it is advisable to take your time organizing and reusing your content. E-books also need to look attractive and professional. So, it’s best to either use something like Canva to produce the finished article or outsource the book's production altogether.

Publish Interactive Content

Email newsletters are very powerful channels to leverage. You can supercharge your newsletters with interactive content can increase engagement, and some types of interactive content can increase new newsletter signup conversions, too.

You could also learn more about your existing subscribers by publishing content with which your users can interact. There are many ways that you might apply interactive content to your niche. Think about the calculators on 401k plan provider websites that demonstrate how ill-prepared we all are for retirement.

You could use customer surveys to learn more about what customers need or get feedback on your recent newsletters.  Quizzes can be used for engagement and brand awareness purposes. Quizzes can also be used to highlight the need for a product. Interactive content is more interesting for users and can help to differentiate your newsletter from the others in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Guest Posting

Guest posting can be an excellent way of establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. It will also expand your reach and bring more traffic to your newsletter. If you want to have guest posts published, you will need to pitch to the other newsletters in your niche. Of course, you will also need to write content that will appeal to the subscribers of these other newsletters.

Alternatively, there are guest post outreach companies that will identify suitable websites for you. If you’re willing to spend the month, some of these outreach companies will also write the content for you too.

Create PDF Downloads

PDF (Portable Document Format) downloads are another way to diversify and repurpose your newsletter content. You could offer, for example, checklists, guides, or product information in PDF format. You might also have a PDF download of long-form posts or white papers so that people read the content later at their convenience. PDFs are also a way to summarize and repackage a series spanning multiple posts.

Of course, PDF might be the file format that you use for your eBooks. However, the PDFs mentioned above refer to shorter documents that would most likely have less value than a full-length eBook.


If you want to attract more subscribers, you need to make the most of the content you produce. So, broadening the scope and type of content you produce will widen your audience and encourage more subscriptions.

Working with all the content types mentioned above would probably be a bit too much for any new newsletter. Still, hopefully, these recommendations to diversify your content will give you some ideas to expand the reach of your newsletter content.

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