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Content Strategies to Boost Sales and Upgrades

Your content should convert customers to upgrade and advocate on your brand's behalf. Boost sales through content marketing.

Content Strategies to Boost Sales and Upgrades
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Content marketing is becoming ubiquitous in the online business world. Businesses utilizing content marketing are not only able to attract new customers but to also better convince existing customers to upgrade or buy additional features. A good content marketing strategy should be able to go as far as to convert customers to advocates as word of mouth continues to be the most effective marketing message.

Here are our tips for building a strong content marketing strategy for businesses looking to boost upgrade sales:

Develop a documented strategy

When creating a content marketing plan to increase your upgrades, don’t rely on an idea of a plan, start by answering basic questions about your company and document them as this will be the basis of your keyword research. Who is your current audience and who do you want to reach? What value can you provide that your competitors can’t? How will you measure the progress and success of your content marketing strategy?

Research your keywords

The foundation of any content marketing campaign will be built around keywords or key-phrases that drive organic search traffic to your website. For businesses looking to boost upgrade sales, these keywords should answer the questions their existing customers have. “How to I get the most out of such and such software?” “How to boost productivity with such and such software?” “How to get the most bang for my buck with such and such software?”


Invest in a content marketing team

Investing in a dedicated team to deploy your content marketing strategy can be an effective way to convert your existing customers to higher-paying ones. Relying on an individual, team, or outside company to execute your plan is the only way to ensure you are producing relevant content. As your business grows and you begin to offer new services, having a dedicated team to promote these new services to existing customers can be vital to your company’s growth.

Utilize multiple social platforms

Now that you have a consistent stream of new and relevant content being published to your site, it’s time to spread it across other platforms. If you are already using social media to connect with existing customers, you can use that channel to promote new services. Social media can play a big role in your content marketing strategy as this can be a driving source for traffic back to your website.

Creating new social profiles for your business that end up dormant can hurt your business, too. In fact, it's one of the reason's why B2B social media strategies fail. Social platforms can be great as a consumer, but B2B marketers may find it difficult to produce content for their audience there. They can also count on seeing much lower engagement than what a B2C brand may garner from their social profiles. Dormant profiles for any brand can hurt online reputation so be sure to craft a plan you can stick to.  

Diversify your content

Using content marketing to sell upgrades in the online space can be especially effective as long as you don’t wear your audience out with sales pitches. This is especially true considering you are marketing towards existing customers. Diversify your content strategy by utilizing research, testimonials, and industry trends to promote your services.

Your content should be compelling and educational and show your customers exactly how they could benefit from additional services without sounding too much like a sales pitch. Save your call to action for the end of your content.

If you want to use the Internet as a marketing tool for your business (and who doesn’t want that nowadays?), you have to be smart about your strategy. Content marketing is the art of communicating to potential and existing customers without selling. Rather than a sales pitch, you can use content marketing to deliver relevant information to your customers to guide them to use more of your product or service.

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