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HubSpot is about to (finally) release A/B testing in Sequences

Recent post from staff on HubSpot's user community forum says A/B testing for Sequences in the works.

HubSpot is about to (finally) release A/B testing in Sequences
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Marketers know that A/B testing is essential for optimizing campaigns. However, HubSpot Sequences does not offer A/B testing as a built-in feature for folks using the sales email automation tool.

Although salespeople and not marketers primarily use Sequences, the omission is still notable because HubSpot is known for providing marketing and sales teams with all the tools they need to succeed. How long will we wait until A/B testing gets added to Sequences? Fortunately, it doesn’t look like much longer at all.

Last month, a new post from a Hubspot employee on their user community forum claimed HubSpot had finally begun working on a new feature to allow A/B testing in sales sequences. In the post, Ana DiMarino, a product manager at Hubspot, wrote, “We understand how critical this feature is to experiment and improve your sequence performance and I am excited to say the ability to A/B test emails in a sequence is currently in progress!”

Screenshot of Ana DiMarino's post sharing the news about A/B Testing in Sequences
Screenshot of Ana DiMarino's post sharing the news about A/B Testing in Sequences

Her comment was left about a month and a half ago, but there’s been no other update that we can find from Hubspot setting expectations on a timeline or what this new feature will look like.

We got a hint earlier this year that something could be in the works when Hubspot shared its product roadmap at the end of March. For Sales Hub, they listed a vague item labeled “Sales Engagement Improvements” with the description “Improvements to Sequences for large & sophisticated selling teams, and changes to support high volume outbound calling.”

Whether they intended to hint at the upcoming A/B testing feature is still unknown.

Screenshot of HubSpot's public roadmap presentation
Screenshot of HubSpot's public roadmap presentation

A/B testing allows users to create two versions of an email and test them against each other to see which one performs better regarding open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. HubSpot is late in introducing an A/B testing feature compared to other tools in the space, like Outreach which has offered A/B testing for years.

With Outreach, users can simultaneously set up multiple A/B tests and efficiently track the results in real-time. This feature is precious for salespeople who want to ensure their emails are as effective as possible. It will be interesting to compare how HubSpot’s implementation of A/B testing in sales emails stacks up against the competition once it's finally released.

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